We Aim to Make a Difference

The complete solution for SMEs: From chaos to control.


We aspire to be the reason why SMEs feel in complete control, offering a platform that reveals everything about their business.

Press Mentions

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The Next Level in Your Business – Digitalization

Rapid evolution and constant challenges demand a brisk operational pace for any business today. Whereas 50 years ago, the primary focus was strictly on customers...

iflows: Digital Transformation for SMEs

Every business needs an efficient method for organizing, tracking, and managing its operations. iflows meets this need by offering an innovative solution that combines the power of platforms...

The Essential Tool for Accountants

The platform provides solutions for customizing workflows, monitoring performance, and balancing costs, thereby facilitating more efficient task management and improvement...

Digital Workflow, A Necessity

The digitalization of business is one of the most significant trends in the last two decades. Today, this process is more of a necessity than a means to generate a competitive advantage...

Scaling to the United States

The platform that transitions your business into the digital world and optimizes workflows...

Digitalization in Romania too?

First and foremost, iflows.com is about efficiency: of time, costs, and resources. Labor-intensive production processes, involving several interdependent work steps, often...

All Your Business Activities Unified on a Single Platform

One of the greatest advantages of iFlows is its ability to centralize all vital information in one place...


A Comprehensive View of Your Business: Transformation through iFlows

We've seen companies struggle to track their business performance using notebooks, separate Excel sheets, and various apps, each holding a piece of the puzzle. It's like trying to read a book with its pages scattered all over the house. iFlows brings together all the pages of this book into one easily accessible place, allowing you to read the story of your business from start to finish without interruption. This enables you to make informed and swift decisions, based on a complete view of everything happening in your company.


What's Our Secret? Remarkable People

iFlows was founded in 2022 with a clear vision: to create a platform so advanced that using it feels like having a business partner.


Our Values

We Aim to Make a Difference

iFlows is not just a platform, but a tool designed to add value to the business environment


The quality of software is always defined by the team's passion and dedication


Our work is a tremendous source of pride that we are grateful to share with our clients


For us, transparency means honesty and integrity in all our communications with clients


Every interaction with our clients is a source of inspiration that we greatly value


We are all together on this journey, and by supporting each other, we will achieve our goal


Leadership Team

Andrei Stanciu
Chief Executive Officer

With more than 15 years of experience across various IT sectors, Andrei oversees operations, sets policies, and leads all teams involved in designing, developing, testing, and rolling out new versions of iflows.

Ionut Șișu
Chief Operating Officer

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, Ionut crafts the strategies that elevate iflows to the next level. He offers the optimal blend of expertise and a deep understanding of industry needs.

Julia Șișu
Chief Marketing Officer

Blending her business acumen with a doctorate in Management, Julia is the key liaison for both current and prospective clients, devising strategies and overseeing all communication projects.


Our Mission

From the very first line of code, the mission of iFlows has been, and will always be, to liberate managers from the operational intricacies of the company.